In 2017, WWII Soldier was redesigned as part of a larger digital marketing strategy. 



WWII Soldier needed a more professional look that was also suitable for 1 color printing such as t-shirts and letterhead. Instead of three cartoon heads, we went with a stylized face in block letter.  Because it needed to work well inline and as a block square, I went with two alternative versions of the logo.  Here is the final business card front and back. 


My first foray into SEO was while I was with Lifetime Brands.  At the time, SEO wasn’t as common a practice as now. In this case, the company was using the industry term tableware to describe what they sold. As part of my job as a programmer and designer, I incorporated the word dinnerware into the title, meta description, alt tags, and H1s where possible. In addition to becoming #1 on Google for dinnerware, the site also ranked in the top 3 for many patterns, styles and types of dinnerware, such as red dinnerware and rooster dinnerware.

Here is one of my early designs.


Learn more about Lifetime Brands. 

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