The Dressmaker’s Silk

On the eve of D-day, French dressmaker romances a German officer to protect a wounded American airman and puts all of their lives in danger. 

The Dressmaker’s Silk is a full-length, action-romance screenplay set in 1944 France on the eve of D-Day.

Madeleine Lavigne’s dress shop is the perfect place to gather information on the occupying Nazis. The only problem is that most fabric in Europe is requisitioned or confiscated by the Nazis for the war effort. While she’s no Chanel, Madeleine has managed to stay open thanks to her nephew, Léon, who has been supplying her with parachute silk from downed pilots. When Léon brings her a wounded American pilot instead, he raises the suspicion of the Nazis and cuts off her silk supply.

To stay one step ahead of the Germans, Madeleine and Léon must devise a plot to find more silk while helping the American pilot escape before the Nazis find him. In an effort to reduce suspicion, Madeleine flirts with the German captain who is in charge of the manhunt. Unfortunately for both of them, the flirtation turns into a budding romance just as the French resistance prepares for the impending Allied invasion.

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