Missing in Action

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 9.52.42 PMThe most complicated thing about Lt. Evelyn Blake’s Army nursing career is that she has to tell her parents that she’s accepted a dashing English pilot’s hand in marriage. But when Evelyn’s transport plane crashes just hours before one of the biggest operations of World War Two, Evelyn Blake finds herself Missing In Action. Evelyn Blake’s adventure finds her forced into Operation Market Garden, where she teams up with a ragtag band of American paratroopers and their brave but infuriating Lieutenant to escape the Germans. When Evelyn returns to her own unit, she is ordered to forget the men who saved her life.

Missing in Action is a wartime romance that spans the war in Europe. Lt. Evelyn Blake is a plucky flight nurse, experienced in war, but naive in love. Her fiancé, Victor Wellington, is her ideal prince charming, both a Lord and a dashing RAF pilot. Is he any match for Lt. Patrick Mitchell, All-American officer and sometimes gentleman, who finds Evelyn hiding from the Germans in a cafe in Holland? Rumors swirl. Did Lt. Evelyn Blake really kill five Germans? How about those two marriage certificates? Only Lt. Mitchell and his men know for sure.

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