Aeronik Historical Action Game ConceptAfter a WWI ace crashes his biplane, he’s surgically altered by a crackpot surgeon and must stop the robotizing of wounded soldiers on the western front before they cause a second world war.

Aeronik is a First Person Shooter with flying and driving sequences. The player’s actions influence his alliance with either the Allies or Central Powers, but if his reputation for killing innocent soldiers increases too much, his alliance will shift.

Aeronik picks up mid-flight with Lt. Curtis Fulton in the heat of a dogfight. Curtis’s plane crashes and he wakes up some time later in a hospital in Paris with new robotic hands. Curtis learns that Dr. Furieux and his associates are planning to outfit as many troops as possible with new prototype suits and helmets. After escaping from Dr. Furieux’s laboratory, Curtis must avoid the robotically enhanced soldiers who have been sent to retrieve him. When Curtis witnesses a robotically enhanced soldier going berserk, he realizes that the inventions have a mind of their own. Dr. Furieux has already taken steps to control the soldiers via a radio beam tower. Curtis must destroy the robot soldiers, find the vacuum tubes and destroy the radio tower before Dr. Furieux takes charge of his robot army.


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by Denise Deems

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