My fascination with WWII started at an early age, perhaps because my grandfather fought in the war, or perhaps because my parents, like most baby boomers, grew up watching war movies. In either case, the 1940s era has been fascinating to me as long as I can remember. Beyond the war itself, I’ve been intrigued by the fashion, movies, and music of the era. Today, if you visit my house, it’s hard to miss my love of the 1940s, from the bookshelves lined with dusty old books, to the vintage photographs, and the phonograph in the dining room. On any given night, if I’m not writing, I’m probably watching a 1940s movie. And those magazines on my coffee table – Vogue, 1943, of course.

About Denise Deems

Denise Deems is a historical screenwriter and novelist. Her upcoming novel Evelyn Blake: Killed in Action, the sequel to Missing in Action, debuted on Amazon in January. When she’s not writing, Denise is the owner and head designer at The WWII Soldier, a prop house specializing in WWI and WWII props. She’s worked with museums, historians, and movie productions around the world.  Although her house looks a WWII museum, Denise is an avid gamer and technophile. Denise has her B.A. from York College of Pennsylvania and her M.F.A. from Full Sail University.

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